Our jumping castles are available for every theme and activity. We Deliver Jumping Castles believe in providing family orientated friendly services.  Make your child’s day memorable with jumping castle for him and his friends to enjoy in. Giving your young ones their choice in kind of and theme of jumping castle will give them happy memories.

We believe in always enhancing our customer profile which is why we take the responsibility of providing our services with care and consideration for the safety of your children.  We provide the cheapest jumping castle hire in the Sydney region. We are proud to claim that we have never had any accidents over our years of experience of providing jumping castle rental services and we comply with all Australian standards.

Along with our 100% safety record our jumping castes Sydney service includes performing thorough functional and hygiene check of our jumping castles before we provide them to you. Our concentration is on offering safe and healthy fun in wide array of models of jumping castles.We want you allow you to make happy memories for yourself and your children.

Our jumping castle Sydney services are available is available throughout the metropolis. Among the reason for our true value to moneycheapest jumping castle hire service being so successful is our free delivery facility.

We Deliver Jumping Castles offers up todate trendy in demand jumping castle models with creative designs including slides. Your kids can enjoy jumping around in their favorite themed character based jumping castle in Sydney.

Among are types of jumping castles available including:

  • Carousel Jumping Castle
  • Bouncing Boxing Ring
  • Bungee Run
  • Kim Possible Obstetrical Course
  • Sports Skill Tester

Included in range of themed jumping castles are:

  • Avengers
  • Frozen
  • Cars
  • Toy Story
  • Disney Princess
  • And many more

Contact us at: Phone: (041) 172-4171 or email us at: Email: wecandeliver@gmail.com. We De Deliver Jumping Castles now for Birthdays, Bar Mitzvah and more


Carousel Jumping Castle

Require an area of 7 meters in diameter. $260 Day Hire (Delivery charge may apply to some areas)


Bouncing Boxing Ring

Requires an area of 8 meter by 8 meters. $260 Day Hire (Delivery charge may apply to some areas)


Bungee Run

Requires an area of 12 meters by 5 meters. $300 Day Hire (Delivery charge may apply to some areas)


Kim Possible Obstetrical Course

Requires an area of 15 meters by 8 meters by 7 meters. $550 Day Hire (Delivery charge may apply to some areas)


Sports Skill Tester

Requires an area of 10 meters by 8 meters by 7 meters. $300 Day Hire (Delivery charge may apply to some areas)